"Watch and learn the 3-step process that EVERYONE who makes money online follows to make money online."
Stop Marketing! Stop Advertising!
The Internet is a noisy, crowded place, filled with thousands of voices just like yours all competing for attention. Attention is the key to sales and CRUCIAL to your success. We operate in an "Attention Economy." If you're still just "running ads" on your social media platforms, then you are destined to fail. 

People don't watch ads. People don't become passionate about commercials. People don't buy from you because you tell them to click your link. They buy from you because you entertain them. You inform them. They enjoy the content you create. Stop marketing! Stop advertising! Start creating.  


My name is Mark Kaye and I'm here to help. I'm here to help 1000 Business owners and entrepreneurs just like you create 1000 "Shows" that will make 1000% of your dreams come true. You in?
"Don't just start a podcast. Don't just do a vlog.
Put on a SHOW! People LOVE shows."
Mark Kaye
Every Business is "Show Business."
  • Gary Vaynerchuk didn’t sell wine on the internet. He put on a show! He produced an entertaining and informative daily show about wine. It was funny, it was informative, and it made me want to drink wine. LOTS of wine .
  •  Donald Trump didn’t win the Presidency because he had better commercials. He put on a better show. On TV, on twitter, and on every stage he stood on. He put on a show and that show sold him to the voters. 
  •  Tony Robbins doesn’t sell self-improvement. He puts on a show! He yells, and screams, and plays loud music, and gets people to WALK ACROSS HOT COALS! He puts on a freakin’ amazing show! That’s what people are buying. They are buying the Tony Robbins Show. 
  •  Steve Jobs didn’t sell computers. He put on a show! He created amazing works of usable art and showcased them all of the world. The iphone, the ipad, the ipod...those are all little tiny, tangible shows. He even built little museums to showcase his art and put one in every mall in America. 
  •  Casey Neistat has never made a single YouTube video. He created a show! He built an audience of millions. He entertains his fans on a daily basis and in the process has become a multi-millionaire. 
When I jumped on Snapchat for the first time I didn't just post "snaps" of my food or whatever outfit I happened to be wearing. I created a SHOW! That show made me an internet star, allowed me to travel all over the world, and made me a ton of cash in the process...

Now it's your turn. What's your show going to be about? Let's find out...
(I'll totally help!)
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  • The single MOST important thing any online show MUST have. HINT: It's not a microphone. It's not a camera. And it's not negotiable. Without this you will fail.
  •  How-to entertain your audience even if you have the personality of an area rug. A quick and easy way to outsource entertainment and become a superstar even if you have absolutely nothing interesting to say.
  •  The 4 things you’re already doing that make people "tune you out." Your mind tells you these are "no-brainers" but they will make your audience flee!
  •  The “Wheel of Fortune” trick that has kept them DOMINATING the ratings for 30 years. Gameshows are "ground zero" for audience manipulation. Learn from the masters.
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  •  3 things in your fridge that can TRIPLE your audience. This changed my life forever.
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  •  How-to turn one show into 5 shows and QUINTUPLE Your Reach. By the way, "quintuple is 5X." I Googled it.
  •  What you should NEVER sell on your show. Social Media posts can make you a TON of money. As long as you don't try to sell this. Then you'll just go broke. Yuck. Broke sucks.
  •  How-to get massive PR and publicity for your show. There are tons of bloggers, and news reporters, and producers just DYING to tell the world about you. I'll show you how-to find them.
  •  How-to make contests and giveaways work! There is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to bribe people to pay attention to you. One is like throwing money into the garbage disposal. The other is like wining the lottery. I'll show you both.
  •  The broadcasting secret Radio Stations have been using for 100 years that can make all your dreams come true. These secrets can help you dominate your competition and build an army of fans who keep coming back again and again.
  •  The “Content Volcano” that will guarantee you never run out of things to talk about. There is a place where you can find an endless flow of great content your audience craves. You'll "Lava" this! 
  •  How to literally capture your audience and force them to pay attention to you. This is a MUST do if you every want to get known, get rich, or go viral.
And so much more...

In fact, with my twice-monthly coaching calls and instant email access, you'll learn whatever you want from me and other successful "show makers" on demand...
Trust me when I tell you, the last thing we need is another "podcast." Seriously. The world has enough "podcasts."

And you do NOT want to start another "Vlog." Daily Vlogs are a huge waste of your valuable time. Plus, let's be honest, they're super boring.

And you definitely DON'T want to do a Facebook LIVE either. Live Streaming can KILL your business. (Ironic isn't it? But also very true!)

What you really want to put on a SHOW! 

Don't just podcast. Don't just vlog. Don't just blog, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, or livestream. Don't even just send an email.

Instead, put on a SHOW!

Entertain people! Make them laugh. Make them cry. Make them gasp. Create something that gets them emotionally involved with your life, with your product, with your business, and with you.

See, one of the biggest problems with social media marketing is that people treat it like social media marketing. YAWN! 

Everyone who owns an iPhone is walking around just blabbing into their phones and sending it out into the world. But does the world really care? Is it something we want? Or is it just "digital junk mail?"

Here is what most marketers don't realize: Just because you CAN broadcast something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

If you're podcasting, vlogging, YouTubing, Snapchatting, or livestreaming, and you are getting zero results it's because you aren't putting on a show

If you can't get more than a handful of viewers, listeners, subscribers, likes, or shares, it's because you aren't creating something that people want to watch, listen to, subscribe to, like or share. And this goes DOUBLE for email! (Maybe if your email were more entertaining, more than 20% of your list would open them!)

In short, "You ain't puttin' on a show!"

People watch SHOWS. They LOVE shows. They BUY from shows.

Over the next 1000 days I will be helping 1000 entrepreneurs, influencers, and business people from all over the globe, create awesome content, build a huge audience, and turn them into raving fans who actually buy!

I will help 1000 people create 1000 freakin' awesome shows!

I've been creating massively popular shows on radio, Snapchat, Facebook, and iTunes for decades. Now I'm going to share with 1000 people, everything I know about creating an incredible piece of content on any platform.

If you want to master social media and learn how-to be the star of your own show, click the button below.

(Hurry, only 1000 spots available. Do you want people watching YOUR show? Or somebody else's?)
Puttin' on a "Show" with Herman Cain
Doing a Show with Flo! (Flo-rida)
Show me the Money Grant Cardone!
Tom Joyner, the ULTIMATE Showman
Showing Off with David Muir
The Sean Hannity Show
Cooking up a Show with Curtis Stone
Always ready to put on a SHOW!
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I don't always offer a money-back guarantee, but in this case, it's a no-brainer. I know that you are going to be so completely floored by this experience, I know that you are going to get everything you need to completely alter your online marketing that there is no risk in offering a guarantee. So, within 30 days if you are not satisfied I will return your money no questions asked. But seriously, the only question you will be asking yourself is, "Why didn't I get this sooner?!"
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